The handwritten fonts listed below are commonly used for addressing envelopes, suitable for both the delivery and return addresses. If you have distinct artwork for the return address on your envelope, the handwritten font can be reserved solely for the delivery address. These fonts are designed to resemble natural handwriting by being printed larger, so be mindful when using longer names or multiple names on the same line (e.g., husband and wife).

For optimal appearance, we recommend a three-line delivery and return address on #10 envelopes, although we can accommodate up to four-line delivery addresses. If you need more than four lines, consider using 6x9 envelopes. When placing your order, you can select the preferred handwritten font number using the price calculator. To enhance the font's natural look, we angle the lines slightly and vary the starting position of each line, creating a more authentic handwritten appearance.

Presort postage is available for letter printing orders with handwritten fonts. However, some fonts, as indicated below, are not suitable for presort mail. Barcodes are required for presort class mail, but we will print your barcode at the bottom right corner of the envelope rather than in the center below the address. This placement maintains the personal handwritten look of your mail piece.


Alphabet Samples