Our letter printing and mass mailer services allow you to insert any fields from your mailing list for customized and personalized letters. This enables you to craft meaningful, unique messages tailored to each recipient. You can incorporate both text and images to create the perfect letter. Our high-quality letters and bulk mailing services will help you stand out from competitors and make a lasting impression.

We offer complete mail merge features, enabling you to input any data, such as the recipient’s name, address, company name, and more. Depending on your needs, the data can be printed on either side of a double-sided letter — front or back. With years of experience in letter printing and mass mailer services, we can handle even the most complex jobs quickly and efficiently.

Many paper & envelope stocks

Our letter printing and bulk letter mailing services provide a wide variety of paper and envelope stocks to choose from. Whether you need high-quality glossy paper for business letters or budget-friendly copy paper for simple correspondence, we have the perfect stock to meet your needs. We also offer a diverse selection of envelopes in different sizes and colors. No matter the requirements of your project, we can supply the ideal paper and envelope stock to ensure it achieves its intended impact.

Handwritten fonts

Enhance your envelopes with our complimentary handwritten fonts, adding a personalized touch that can significantly increase the likelihood of them being opened. These unique and attractive fonts are available in black ink or a variety of colors. Additionally, we can create a handwritten font based on your own handwriting. Click here to view our handwritten fonts. You can also use our handwritten fonts with discounted bulk postage for our mass mailer services.

Real postage stamps with cancellation

Make your mail stand out by using peel-and-stick stamps, ensuring your envelopes do not look like generic junk mail. We can also print cancellation marks on your postage, similar to the marks that regular first-class postage receives from USPS. Read more here.

50 Piece Minimum

For those seeking low minimums, our services are an excellent choice. We can complete any job with just 50 pieces. Additionally, we offer discounted postage rates (standard and nonprofit presort classes) on orders of 50 pieces or less, providing even more incentive to work with us.

List setup

The list must be in CSV format; we do not accept Excel. You will be required to upload your list on the next page after you upload your letter/envelope on this page. You can upload multiple lists and choose all of them to be combined and used for this mailing. You will need to map each column/field in your list for a certain purpose, e.g. you will map your field OWNER_FNAME to “First Name”. All the fields/columns you intend to use in this job must be mapped to a field. If your list has extra fields/column that is not needed for this job; you should leave them mapped as “Don’t include”. See the options below if you have a field in your list that we do not show an exact map name.

  1. Date related: For instance, you have a field for “expiration date” but we don’t have such a map field. There are three “date” fields called Date1, Date2, Date3 which can be mapped to any date-related field in your list. Therefore you can map “expiration date” to Date1.
  2. Amount related: Same concept as above. We offer three amount fields (Amount1, Amount2, and Amount3) that can be used to be mapped to any field in your list that is amount-related.
  3. If you have any additional fields in your list where you don’t find an appropriate map name, then use any of the 10 Misc. fields we have; Misc1 to Misc10.
  4. If you chose any of the map names (Date, Amount, or Misc) from the above three steps then you must modify the tags in your letter/envelope (the placeholder where the merge fields are to be inserted) to correspond to our “map” names. For instance, if you used the map name Date1 for your “expiration date” then you need to modify the tag for the “expiration date” in the letter to Date1. Essentially you need to tell us where to insert the Date1 in the letter.


Letter setup

The letter must be in PDF format. If you have a multi-page letter then you’ll need to upload a multi-page PDF, NOT a separate page for each page. If your letter requires mail merging then indicate the location of the merge fields by inserting the field name in <<>>, e.g. <> indicates the location where the first name is to be inserted.

  • Full bleed letters must include a minimum of 1/16” bleed on every side.
  • Non-full bleed letters must have a minimum of ¼” clear margin on every side.
  • Graphics: We highly recommend a minimum of 300 dpi for all graphics or your print job may appear low quality.
  • All photos, graphics, signature or other elements need to be included in your letter.
  • Mailing date: We will update the mailing date on your letter to the date when the letters are mailed only when the date is located on top 1/3 of page 1 and is on its own line; it cannot be within a sentence. If you prefer to use a date outside the parameters just explained then you will need to set up your date as a merge field inside the merge code such as <> and add this field to your mailing list and populate this field with your desired date. If you chose the “staggered” option, then each drop will be dated based on when it is mailed.


Envelope setup

This information only applies if you are uploading an envelope template. Your envelope template must be uploaded in PDF format. Simple envelopes can be created in Ms Word or similar programs then saved as a PDF to be uploaded here. You can use one of our envelope templates from below to get started.

  • Full bleed envelopes: This letter printing product only supports not full-bleed envelopes which means you must have at least a ¼” clear margin on all 4 sides. Your envelopes must be ordered separately if you need to use full bleed envelopes with your letters.
  • Graphics: All graphics must be included in the uploaded PDF. We highly recommend a minimum of 300 dpi for graphics or your print may not look high quality.
  • Addressing zone: This page shows the areas that must be left clear for addressing, USPS barcoding, and postage.

Bulk Print and Mail Services for Businesses

In this digital era, where emails and social media dominate communication channels, the potential of direct mail remains undeniable. It continues to be a powerful and effective marketing tool for businesses, providing a direct way to reach their target audience. Discovering the right mailer is imperative for a successful direct mail campaign, as it entices your prospects to eagerly open your envelopes and engage with your compelling offers. For all your direct mail marketing needs, whether in real estate or the nonprofit sector, look no further than LetterPrinting.net. We offer some of the most economical services in the industry while ensuring high quality.


Customization Options for Letter and Mail Print Services

Personalized Letters for Higher ROI

At the heart of our print and mail services lies the power of personalized letters. Unlike generic mailers such as postcards and newsletters, personalized letters create a stronger emotional connection with recipients, achieving a higher response rate. Our bulk letter printing and mailing services prioritize cost-effectiveness without compromising quality, especially for large orders exceeding 25,000 pieces. By printing a portion of your job on an offset press, we can reduce costs while maintaining top-notch quality for your direct mail campaign.

First impressions matter in direct mail, and our expertise in using non-window envelopes helps avoid the appearance of generic or junk mail. This personalized and professional approach significantly increases the likelihood of your letters being opened and read, enhancing your engagement rate. Additionally, we use real postage stamps instead of imprints, adding a professional and genuine touch to your mail, building trust and credibility with recipients.

Donation Collection Remittance Envelopes

Simplifying the donation collection process is vital for encouraging contributions. Our printing and direct mail services include remittance envelopes with each personalized letter, allowing donors to contribute effortlessly and securely through checks or cash. This method provides a convenient and reliable way to support your nonprofit's mission. Our versatile mailing services for postcards provide a cost-effective and impactful way to spread your message. Customizable to cater to your unique needs, each postcard is crafted with handwritten fonts, lending a personal touch and connecting with recipients on a deeper level. Despite being called yellow postcards, they are available in various colors, all designed to leave a lasting impression. We accommodate small orders as low as 50 pieces, a service most providers avoid. Whether you're running a targeted campaign or testing a new strategy, our flexible approach allows you to scale your efforts for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Our discounted nonprofit postage rates help organizations facing financial challenges reach a wider audience, provided they have the necessary Post Office authorization.


Discounted nonprofit Postage Rates

All thanks to our discounted nonprofit postage rates, which emerge as a savior for organizations enduring financial challenges. These discounts are applicable for all mailings as long as your organization has the necessary Post Office authorization. This way, you can expect your messages to reach a wider audience.



When you associate with our reliable letter print and mail services, you get to reap an additional perk in the form of a free national change of Address. Abbreviated NCOA, it is a process that involves the detailed checking of all your records against the USPS database to update addresses with the correct forwarding information. The ultimate motive of these services is to make sure that your mail lands with the right recipient, making your campaign more effective. That means any sort of worry about undelivered mail should not haunt anyone.

A variety of paper and envelope stocks are available

We offer a variety of paper and envelope options to meet your specific needs. Investing in the right paper can make your mail piece stand out, while exclusively designed remittance envelopes provide secure and convenient ways for donors to contribute. You can also get slogans or photos printed on envelopes from our letter mailing center.

Creating an unforgettable impact with Handwritten Fonts

Our exquisite collection of handwritten fonts adds elegance to your mailers, increasing the chances of them being opened by recipients. Each font is crafted with real handwriting and printed using state-of-the-art printers. We use real stamps on envelopes for a personalized appearance. Additionally, our mail printing services include the option to create a font based on your own handwriting, thrilling recipients with letters addressed in your unique style. Consistency is key, so both the envelope and the letter will have the same handwritten font.

Best of all, there is no extra cost to use our handwritten fonts for addressing your envelopes. To further enhance the appeal of your mailers, the handwritten fonts can be printed in black or other colored inks.


Adding additional items to your letter printing order

You can also include additional items with your letter. Below are some of our common options.

  • Remit or reply envelopes
  • Flyers & brochures
  • Business cards
  • Small slips

Configure your letter printing product on this page and Add to Cart. After uploading your letter and list you will be given the option to add any of the above items before checking out.

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