Mail merge, Variable Printing

A mail merge, also know as Variable Data Printing (VDP), is the process of integrating raw data from your mailing list with a template. This results in a unique mail piece that is customized to each recipient. Mail pieces that include Variable Data Printing always have a higher rate of return versus generic pieces. Mail merged pieces appear more personal, professional, and friendly. They do not portray mass mailings which are usually interpreted as Junk Mail and ignored.

Our Variable Data Printing capabilities can be applied to postcards, newsletters, snap packs, booklets and letters. Variable data printing can also be used in multi-page documents. Our variable printing capabilities go beyond simply mail merging names, addresses, and basic information onto your mail piece, we also have the ability to change graphics, photos, even entire layouts based on supplied information from your list or based on certain conditions and formulas.

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More effective letters

Using mail merged letters can increase the effectiveness of your direct mail marketing piece and increase your overall response and sales rates. Mail merged letters allow you to address each recipient personally with their respective issue and in great detail. Mail merged letters allow you to use any information from your mailing list to address the recipient's situation in detail and offer them a specific solution accordingly. Our variable printing capabilities can switch the content of the letter based on certain conditions.

Targeted mail pieces

Variable Data Printing is essential for organizations with multiple locations. You will benefit from higher response rates if your mail pieces contain the local address of your company versus the main corporate address. If your company has a local representative, you should considering using the local address for that representative.

Reduce cost

Our complex variable data printing abilities will allow you to combine multiple mail campaigns, with different layouts, into a single larger project. This will allow you to receive larger printing discounts due to the increased single job size.

Additionally, you will no longer have to make a larger investments by printing many different versions of a mail piece in advance to be used in future campaigns.