LetterPrinting provides a comprehensive solution for all your postcard mailing needs. With our postcard direct mailing service, you provide the postcard artwork and a mailing list, and we handle the printing, addressing, and delivery to the Post Office. We offer a variety of sizes and paper options to suit your needs. Our postcard mailing options include first-class postage, standard/marketing class postage, and nonprofit rates. Please refer to the table below to select the most cost-effective option for your project.

How to choose the right postcard product
Direct MailMail mergeSizesCost-effective
YesYes5 sizesCheaper under 1001 
YesNo6 sizesCheaper above 1000 
YesYes2 sizesCheaper under 1001 
NoYes5 sizesCheaper under 1001 
NoNo49 sizesCheaper above 1000 

Printed on a digital press, our postcards are an economical choice for smaller quantities or jobs requiring variable data printing, also known as mail merging. This feature allows you to incorporate personalized fields from your mailing list on either side of your postcards, making each card unique to the recipient. For example, you can include personalized greetings or other specific information.

Examples in various industriesHow you can use it
Real estateInclude the property address on each card. You may also include APN #s or offer amounts.
MortgageMention their current rate & lender and tell them what you can offer them and how much they'll save monthly.
InsuranceOffer each recipient a different rate.


We also offer Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) services, where the USPS delivers your postcards to every household on a selected postal route. EDDM is a cost-effective option since it eliminates the need for a mailing list and offers lower postage rates, though it results in less targeted mailings as each address on the route receives the postcard.

List setup

The list must be in CSV format; we do not accept Excel. You will be required to upload your list after you upload your artwork. You can upload multiple lists and choose all of them to be combined and used for this mailing. You will need to map each column/field in your list for a certain purpose, e.g. you will map your field OWNER_FNAME to “First Name”. All the fields/columns you intend to use in this job must be mapped to a field. If your list has extra fields/column that is not needed for this job; you should leave them mapped as “Don’t include”. See the options below if you have a field in your list that we do not show an exact map name.



Upload a single PDF file with 2 pages, one page for the front and one page for the back. Please see the correct template for your size to make sure you leave blank the correct areas for addressing, postage indicia, and USPS barcoding.

  • File format: We only accept PDF file format.
  • Bleed/Edge to Edge Printing: All brochures regardless of size require a 1/16" bleed on all 4 sides. See more.
  • Safety zone: We highly recommend having at least a 1/4" clear area on all four sides and placing all text at least 1/4" away from all edges. 
  • Fonts: Make sure all fonts have been outlined in your artwork so they don't change on the final print. See more.
  • Color setting: Your files must be created in CMYK format; we print in CMYK ONLY. Make sure you set up your artwork or convert to CMYK format before uploading files, this will enable you to view the best color representation on your final printed piece.  See more.
  • Resolution: To have high-quality print, your photos and graphics should have at least a 300 DPI. See more.
  • Small borders: We highly discourage outer borders smaller than 1/8", see more. We cut several stacks of sheets at a time, the slightest imperfection in the cut with jobs with very thin borders becomes obvious and can appear incorrect on final piece.
  • Rich black ink: If you'd like your final printed piece to have the deepest black color, use the following formula: C=60, M=40, Y=40, K=100. If you leave K=100 it will still be black but not as deep. See more


Price Calculator

(Min: 50, Max: 100000)

Postage Calculator

Printing & production cost : $ 46.17
Postage cost : $ 26.50
Total : $ 72.67
Unit Price:$ 1.45