Our full-service 48-month USPS NCOALink includes comprehensive address updates, covering changes filed in the past 48 months. Many vendors offer only 24-month services, but our search spans four years of individual, family, and business moves.

This service also includes:

  • Address Standardization & CASS Processing: Ensuring addresses are correctly formatted and standardized.
  • LACSLink (Locatable Address Conversion System): Converting rural-style addresses to city-style addresses.
  • Mailability Score: Identifying and excluding incomplete and undeliverable addresses.
  • DPV (Delivery Point Validation): Verifying the validity of any known individual house, apartment, Post Office box, rural box, mail drop, or commercial address that receives mail, providing a yes/no result.

Choose our 48-month NCOALink service for the most thorough and reliable address updates.

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