Boost Your Direct Mail Marketing with Our Invitation Mailer

Introducing our revolutionary Invitation Mailer, a standout in direct mail marketing. Designed to capture attention and drive engagement, our Invitation Mailers are tailored to deliver exceptional results. Personalized with your mailing list information, these mailers add a personal touch, significantly outperforming generic alternatives and achieving higher response rates.

Key Features of Our Invitation Mailer:

  • Personalization: Each mailer is customized using your mailing list, ensuring a unique and engaging message for every recipient.
  • Paper Variety: Choose from a wide range of paper types to best suit your needs and stand out.
  • Authentic Stamps: All mailers feature real peel-and-stick stamps, providing an authentic and professional appearance.
  • Cost-Efficient Postage: Select from discounted postage classes to reduce costs.
  • Cancellation Service: Opt for our stamp cancellation service to add a personalized and authentic touch to your mailers.

Printing Options and Additional Enhancements:

  • Simplex or Duplex Printing: Choose between single-sided or double-sided printing to suit your design preferences.
  • Custom Graphics: Include any images, graphics, or signatures to make your invitation mailers unique.
  • Business Card Integration: Enhance your mailers by adding your business cards. If selected, we print and include a business card with each mailer.
  • Compact Design: Letters are half-folded to fit the smaller envelope size, ensuring a neat and professional presentation.

Handwritten fonts

Add a personal touch to your envelopes with our complimentary handwritten fonts, increasing the likelihood they will be opened! These elegant and unique fonts are available in black ink or a variety of colors to suit your style. For an extra personal touch, we can even create a handwritten font based on your own handwriting. Explore our handwritten font options by clicking here. Additionally, you can use our handwritten fonts with discounted bulk postage for our mass mailer services, combining personalization with cost efficiency.

Real postage stamps with cancellation

Ensure your mail stands out with our peel & stick stamps, setting your envelopes apart from the generic junk mail that often fills mailboxes. To add an authentic touch, we can even print cancellation marks on your postage, similar to those on regular-class USPS mail. Learn more here.

50 Piece Minimum

If low minimums are what you need, you’ve come to the right place! We can complete almost any job with just 50 pieces. Plus, as an added incentive, we offer discounted postage rates (standard and nonprofit presort classes) on orders of 50 pieces or fewer!

List setup

The list must be in CSV format; we do not accept Excel. You will be required to upload your list on the next page after you upload your letter/envelope on this page. You can upload multiple lists and choose all of them to be combined and used for this mailing. You will need to map each column/field in your list for a certain purpose, e.g. you will map your field OWNER_FNAME to “First Name”. All the fields/columns you intend to use in this job must be mapped to a field. If your list has extra fields/column that is not needed for this job; you should leave them mapped as “Don’t include”. See the options below if you have a field in your list that we do not show an exact map name.

  1. Date related: For instance, you have a field for “expiration date” but we don’t have such a map field. There are three “date” fields called Date1, Date2, Date3 which can be mapped to any date-related field in your list. Therefore you can map “expiration date” to Date1.
  2. Amount related: Same concept as above. We offer three amount fields (Amount1, Amount2, and Amount3) that can be used to be mapped to any field in your list that is amount-related.
  3. If you have any additional fields in your list where you don’t find an appropriate map name, then use any of the 10 Misc. fields we have; Misc1 to Misc10.
  4. If you chose any of the map names (Date, Amount, or Misc) from the above three steps then you must modify the tags in your letter/envelope (the placeholder where the merge fields are to be inserted) to correspond to our “map” names. For instance, if you used the map name Date1 for your “expiration date” then you need to modify the tag for the “expiration date” in the letter to Date1. Essentially you need to tell us where to insert the Date1 in the letter.


Letter setup

The letter must be in PDF format. If you have a multi-page letter then you’ll need to upload a multi-page PDF, NOT a separate page for each page. If your letter requires mail merging then indicate the location of the merge fields by inserting the field name in <<>>, e.g. <> indicates the location where the first name is to be inserted.

  • Full bleed letters must include a minimum of 1/16” bleed on every side.
  • Non-full bleed letters must have a minimum of ¼” clear margin on every side.
  • Graphics: We highly recommend a minimum of 300 dpi for all graphics or your print job may appear low quality.
  • All photos, graphics, signature or other elements need to be included in your letter.
  • Mailing date: We will update the mailing date on your letter to the date when the letters are mailed only when the date is located on top 1/3 of page 1 and is on its own line; it cannot be within a sentence. If you prefer to use a date outside the parameters just explained then you will need to set up your date as a merge field inside the merge code such as <> and add this field to your mailing list and populate this field with your desired date. If you chose the “staggered” option, then each drop will be dated based on when it is mailed.


Envelope setup

This information only applies if you are uploading an envelope template. Your envelope template must be uploaded in PDF format. Simple envelopes can be created in Ms Word or similar programs then saved as a PDF to be uploaded here. You can use one of our envelope templates from here to get started.

  • Full bleed envelopes: This letter printing product only supports not full-bleed envelopes which means you must have at least a ¼” clear margin on all 4 sides. Your envelopes must be ordered separately if you need to use full bleed envelopes with your letters.
  • Graphics: All graphics must be included in the uploaded PDF. We highly recommend a minimum of 300 dpi for graphics or your print may not look high quality.

Price Calculator

(Min: 50, Max: 25000)
Print with margins
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Postage Calculator

Printing & production cost : $ 55.50
Total : $ 55.50 $ 49.95
Unit Price:$ 1.00

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