If you're in search of a reliable printing service for your envelope project, iti Direct Mail is the perfect solution for you! With our vibrant prints, there's no doubt that your envelopes will stand out above all competitors. Personalizing your envelope with your printed name, address, company logo, or any other graphics or tag lines to make you stand out from the competition. This product is a digital printing job, making it more cost-effective for smaller projects or jobs needing personalized data such as delivery addresses. This envelope printing product is not full bleed, requiring a 1/8" clear margin on all four sides. We also offer short-run digitally printed envelopes in full bleed, which you can print all the way to the edge of the envelope. See our full-bleed digital envelopes here. Offset printed envelopes are the better choice for full bleed printing, projects with heavy ink coverage, or those requiring larger quantities. We offer some of the most competitive prices in the industry if you’re searching for envelopes either for internal or direct mail purposes.

  • File format: We only accept PDF file format.
  • Bleed/Edge to Edge Printing: This product is NOT a full bleed product therefore you must have at least a 0.125 clear margin on all 4 sides.
  • Ink limitation: Digital envelopes are limited to using up to 20% of ink. You should use offset press envelopes for higher ink cover. These envelopes are printed with high-quality 600x600 dpi inkjet printers.
  • Fonts: Make sure all fonts have been outlined in your artwork so they don't change on the final print.
  • Color setting: Your files must be created in CMYK format; we print in CMYK ONLY. Make sure you set up your artwork or convert to CMYK format before uploading files, this will enable you to view the best color representation on your final printed piece. This product does not support PMS/spot color printing; all such colors will be converted to CMYK.
  • Resolution: To have high-quality print, your photos and graphics should have at least a 300 DPI.
  • USPS non-printable area: You must keep the top right corner clear for postage and the bottom right corner needs to stay free of any printing for USPS barcode even if the envelope will be mailed 1st class regular.

You aren't alone who skip opening emails daily. With the advancement of online marketing, emails, and campaigns have dominated traditional methods like handwritten envelopes and letters. However, handwritten direct mail services have always been a genuine way of conveying a message that otherwise seems cold and impersonal via email. It's hard to ignore the personalized messages you receive through direct mail.

Direct mail involves sending a handwritten letter, brochure, postcard, etc, to your customers. They seem authentic and convince users to take enough interest in your business, leaving a long-lasting impression in an individual's mind. Direct mail fosters business relations and helps you develop healthy connections with consumers. It's an innovative yet convincing marketing strategy that is typically underrated.

Advantages of Handwritten Direct Mail Services

People Enjoy Receiving Direct Mail Hand Written Envelopes

Digital media forms a large part of our daily schedule. According to studies, almost one-third of U.S. consumers feel overwhelmed with digital devices, emails, and even subscriptions. On the other hand, direct mailing has been seen as a popular and preferred alternative. Most businesses show great excitement and interest in discovering handwritten envelopes via personalized mail. They tend to be more responsive and active after receiving direct mail.

Outperforms Email in Response Rates

As per the State of Direct Mail Consumer Insights report, direct mail shows superior response rates compared to email. Handwritten letter direct mail is preferred by 44% of respondents as their primary channel for companies, with 50% of customers believing it is more important than brand emails. Furthermore, 62% of survey participants took action due to direct mail, demonstrating its effectiveness in creating engagement and positive reactions.

Reach Multiple Household Members

According to research, 72% of U.S. homes have two or more residents, and mailing to a home enhances the possibility of reaching one or more household members. Consumers engage with direct mail very soon after getting it and love reading it. Overall, postcards, presents, or handwritten envelopes notes allow you to create one-of-a-kind and personalized experiences for your target audience.

Valuable Asset for Account-based Marketing

Account-based marketing, or ABM, relies on personalized experiences built by marketing and sales teams working together. With its strong response rates, direct mail handwritten envelopes allow you to interact with valuable accounts without prior consent. As a result, direct mailing is an effective ABM tactic.

Less Competition

Direct mailing is a more engaging way of communicating or exchanging information. The physicality and the written font in the mail make the process attention-grabbing. Compared to daily emails, the U.S. people receive only 361 handwritten letters on average. This way, they offer overall significantly less competition.

How Direct Mail Marketing Is Effective

Direct mail is one of the best ways to target a specific audience. It helps you customize your message and meet the needs of a particular group of audience. Direct mail lets you target local customers and build valuable partnerships with them. Unlike emails, it's a less crowded and subtle channel of communication. From improving open rates to boosting business growth, direct mail services are a powerful business tool.

Handwritten Direct Mail Services: Customized and Cost-Effective

Our handwritten direct mail services are built around customization. We recognize that your direct mail campaigns must evolve in response to changing times and altering target audiences. That is why we provide limitless customization choices at a price that suits your pocket to match your specific requirements. We aim to give you a comprehensive, versatile, cost-effective letter printing and bulk mailing solution. We understand that tailoring your ads to the particular demands of your audience is vital to maximizing your return on investment.

Lower Costs with Transparency

We take pleasure in giving some of the most inexpensive hand written envelopes pricing in the market, and we are devoted to total transparency. Unlike other businesses that keep price information secret, we ensure transparency in all aspects. With us, there are no surprises or hidden costs; simply honest and trustworthy pricing you can rely on.

Effortless and Advanced Tools

We strive to streamline your experience so that you may save both time and money. That is why our website offers advanced and simple price calculators for various print letter alternatives. You may simply compare rates across multiple parameters using these handy tools to select the best solution for your project. If you want assistance for hand written envelopes, our highly qualified team is available to assist you every step of the way.

No Extra Charge for Handwritten Fonts

One of our unique selling points is our ability to produce high-quality, full-color, hand-addressed envelopes at a low cost. On your hand written envelopes, we use color printing to create a personalized handwritten font in blue ink, giving them the true look of a handwritten letter. You may also incorporate colored company logos and return addresses. We print the delivery addresses and other vital information in full color. We aren't like print shops out there that only provide color printing for the non-changing aspects of your envelope. Color printing on hand-addressed envelope service has no extra minimum order restrictions; our regular minimum of 50 pieces per order is all you need.

Boost Your Response Rates with Handwritten Fonts

Create Your Handwritten Font

We design a personalized handwritten typeface based on your handwriting or someone else's handwriting at a reasonable price. This font is suitable for addressing envelopes, adding handwritten comments to letters or printed items, and even writing full handwritten messages. At the same time, we provide 22 pre-existing handwritten fonts at no extra charge; the possibility to design your own sets you different.

Our handwritten fonts are printed on high-resolution printers to seem like authentic handwriting; they are also created from a real person's handwriting. You can utilize most of our handwritten fonts for mailers with presort/discounted postage. Our technology is cost-effective and perfect for medium or large mailing campaigns.

Handwritten Envelopes personalized messages are an interesting and creative way to engage and connect with customers. Unsurprisingly, hundreds of mail in our inboxes somehow reflect a business-minded approach, while a personalized message shows care and value. Furthermore, direct mailing helps build trust in your customers while giving you an edge over business competitors. So, are you ready to create your personalized handwritten mailers ? If yes, Contact us now and get the attention your mail deserves!

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