Remittance envelopes are used to provide a means for your customer to return material to you, such as payments or completed documents. It is proven that providing remittance envelopes increases your rate of return. You receive a better response if you make it easier for your customers to return the material back to you. You can also print pre-paid postage on your remittance envelopes, also known as Business Reply Mail or BRM. This way your clients won't need to put a stamp on the envelope; instead, they just drop it into any mailbox without worrying about putting in stamps but you still remain responsible for the postage. Contact your local Post Office if you want to get a BRM permit. These types of envelopes with BRM are commonly used by non-profit organizations aiming to get maximum donor response. Get more information regarding obtaining a BRM from USPS here.

Extended flap remittance envelopes have been designed with convenience in mind; essentially, the flap is almost as large as the envelope itself. This allows us to print additional information on it without requiring an extra piece of paper - for instance, donor's details can be printed and filled out directly on this extended flap. Primarily used for payment collection purposes, these types of envelopes are a great way to simplify processes and ensure accuracy.

  • File format: We only accept PDF file format.
  • Bleed/Edge to Edge Printing: This product is NOT a full bleed product therefore you must have at least a 0.125 clear margin on all 4 sides.
  • Ink limitation: Digital envelopes are limited to using up to 20% of ink. You should use offset press envelopes for higher ink cover. 
  • Fonts: Make sure all fonts have been outlined in your artwork so they don't change on the final print.
  • Color setting: Your files must be created in CMYK format; we print in CMYK ONLY. Make sure you set up your artwork or convert to CMYK format before uploading files, this will enable you to view the best color representation on your final printed piece.
  • Resolution: To have high-quality print, your photos and graphics should have at least a 300 DPI.
  • USPS non-printable area: You must keep the top right corner clear for postage and the bottom right corner needs to stay free of any printing for USPS barcode even if the envelope will be mailed 1st class regular.

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