A digital proof is sent for all orders and it must be approved before the order enters production. Digital proofs are sent via PandaDocs. The purpose of digital proof is for you to check the layout, position of graphics and text, font styles (your fonts should appear correctly), size of graphics and fonts, and typographic errors or omissions. If your job includes variable data (mail merge), then you should see your document merged with a single, random record from your mailing list. Verify that you see merged data for all the fields included in your document.

You will receive a digital proof within 24 business hours from the time your order is placed and all files are uploaded. This time may be extended if there are issues with your supplied files. Our average proofing time is about half a day.   Please check your 'junk email folder' if you do not receive your proof within one business day. Proofs are sent from PandaDoc system.



iti Direct mail is not responsible to review your job for any typographic errors, omissions, mistakes, layout issues, or any type of errors in your artwork. There will be a reproofing fee for any changes requested after we have created proofs for your job unless the requested change(s) are due to our mistakes.
Color matching: A digital proof guarantees a reasonable likeness to the final printed job. Because of differences in equipment, monitor, and other conditions between digital proofing and production pressroom operations, a reasonable variation in color between a digital proof and the completed job is to be expected.


Production time

iti Direct mail is not responsible to review your job for any typographic errors, omissions, mistakes, layout issues, or any type of errors in your artwork. There will be a reproofing fee for any changes requested after we have started to work on your order.

Color matching: A digital proof guarantees a reasonable likeness to the final printed job. Because of differences in equipment, monitor, and other conditions between digital proofing and production pressroom operations, variation in color between a digital proof and the completed job is to be expected.

Hard copy proofs are optional and are at an additional cost.

Offset press (CMYK)

Hard copy proofs are printed using high-quality Epson Stylus Pro 9900 printers on white semi-matte Epson proofing paper which is ideally suited for simulating commercial printing applications.  Additionally, no coating (e.g. UV or AQ) is applied to your hard copy proof. Due to the difference in the printing equipment, paper type, and the lack of coating between the proofing equipment and the offset press some color difference should be excepted between the hard copy proof and your final printed job. Your hard copy proof should be used as an 'approximation' to your final printed job.


A hardcopy proof is NOT a single sample of your final product!

A hard copy proof is merely your artwork printed as specified above on a flat sheet of paper. Its purpose is to see your final layout and color; not a sample of your product. For instance, a hard copy proof of a presentation folder is NOT a single sample of your final presentation folder; it is ONLY the artwork of your presentation folder printed on a flat sheet of paper as explained above. An offset press can NOT print a single piece; the cost associated with printing a single piece is almost the same as printing an entire job. An offset press is not like a digital laser printer where you can print one copy; it requires an extensive costly setup which is the same for printing a single piece or 10,000 pieces. 


Production time

The turnaround for hardcopy proof is one business day after you approve your digital proof from the time order is placed. A digital proof is produced initially for all hard copy proofs to eliminate potential errors and re-proofing hard copy proofs. A hard copy proof will only be produced after you approve your digital proof.

If you have placed your order incorrectly and the order has NOT begun processing, then you can modify your order only if the change will not cause the price to be different. If there will be a price change due to the modification; a new order must be placed and the older order will be canceled and refunded. 

The saved cart option is a time-saving feature that allows you to configure and save your order once. Then in the future, you will be able to place orders based on the saved configuration. Click on the YouTube tutorial for more details. YouTube tutorial

See a visual representation of common fold styles here.

If you are supplying us with a PDF file to print, make sure your fonts are embedded and outlined in the artwork. This will ensure that your fonts will appear correctly. But you must supply us with your fonts if you plan to use non-standard/custom fonts for the variable portion of your job. Read this article.

Turnaround begins based on the time you approve your proof, not when the order is placed or files are uploaded.  Depending upon when the order is placed and files are uploaded, proofing takes half to a full business day. The cut-off for proof approval is 12 pm PST.  If you approve your proof before 12 pm PST, that day will count as your first day.  If you approve your proof after 12 pm PST, then the next business day will be your first day.



We observe the following holidays

  • New Years day
  • Christmas day
  • 4th of July
  • Memorial day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving and the Friday following Thanksgiving

If any of the above holidays fall on Saturday - then we observe it on Friday prior and if the holiday falls on Sunday we'll be closed the following Monday.


Days we do not mail

We do not mail on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays listed above and all holidays observed by USPS.


Our hours of operation

We are open Monday to Friday from 7 am to 4 pm PST.


We use Melio as our ACH provider. There is no cost to you for sending us a payment via Melio. Melio is not like other ACH providers because we never get access to your bank account nor see any of your bank information. Once we send you an invoice via email, you are to approve the request and give permission to Melio to send the funds from your account to us. Therefore you are in complete control. You will need to set up your account with Melio only once when your receive your first invoice. This takes only a few minutes.

On future transactions, you will receive a digital invoice where you will log in to your Melio account and approve the withdrawal from your bank account. On average your payment arrives to us after three full business days.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, Paypal, bank wire, and checks.


All personal and company checks are held for five business days for clearance. Orders do not begin processing till after this five-business-day hold. We do not accept non-US checks. Certified funds such as 'cashier checks' are posted to your order upon receipt, and your order begins processing at that time. We only accept bank wires on orders over $25,000.

You will be charged the current CA sales tax if your billing address is in California. The rate will be based on the city of San Gabriel. Sales tax is not applied to postage, labor charges, and mailing lists.

See our Terms & Conditions for our return and cancellation policy.

You do not need to send 1099 to iti Direct Mail. iti Direct Mail is the dba for Information Technologies Inc, a California corporation. You are not required to send 1099 to Corporations as per IRS, see this

Letter printing

Your list must be in CSV format, we do NOT accept Excel. This page explains the list setup in detail. Please make sure your list is set up correctly to ensure your data appear correctly on your mail piece. No refunds or credits are issued due to errors on your list. We do NOT review your list for accuracy except for the mailing address. 

  • File format: We only accept PDF files.
  • Fonts: Your fonts must be embedded in your PDF. Accomplishing this task will vary depending on the program you are using to create your letter. For instance, if you are creating your letter in Ms Word and then saving it into PDF, then Google the term “How to embed fonts in PDF from Ms Word”. This will ensure that your final print job will have the fonts correctly. If the fonts in your proof are incorrect, then this is usually the problem.
  • Margins: We need a 0.25” clear margin on all 4 sides of your letter if you’re ordering a non-full bleed letter. We require a 1/16” bleed on all four sides if you are ordering a full bleed letter.
  • Graphics: All the components of your letter such as photos, graphics, letterhead, or signature must be embedded in your letter.  We can make some adjustments to these elements or insert additional elements at your request for a nominal fee. Your graphics must be at least 300 DPI to print clearly. Images from the web are generally only 96 DPI or lower and will print poorly and pixelated.
  • Mailing date on your letter:  We will update the mailing date on your letter to the date when the letters are mailed. Only the date on page one will be updated. Mailing dates must be located on the top 1/3 of the first page and be on their own line and can not be within a sentence. If you prefer to use a date other than the mailing date or have a date embedded in a sentence, or have a date beyond the first page then you will need to set up your date as a merge field inside the merge code such as <> and add this field to your mailing list and populate this field with your desired date. We will not update the date in your list and we’ll use it as-is.
    • Mailing date for Staggered letters: Each batch of the letter will have its own mailing date since each "staggered" batch is printed individually. The dates will be printed as explained above.
  • Indicate the location of merge fields: Indicate the placement of your merge fields from your mailing list in your letter or envelope using “double brackets” as shown below.  For instance, <> indicates where you want to insert the field 'first'.  Your merge fields can be located anywhere in your letter, on any page (if you have a multi-page job) or on any sheet (if you have a multi-sheet job). The field names you use in <<>> must be the same as our system fields shown below.

Full Name


Property Zip

Legal Description


First Name 1


Property County



Last Name 1





First Name 2

Reference No




Middle Name1



Return Name


Last Name 2



Return Address





Return City


Address 1



Return State


Address 2

Property Address

Expiration Date

Return Zip



Property City

Closing Date




Property State

Mail Date




We do not review your files for typographic errors, omissions, mistakes, layout issues, or any other types of errors. Make sure all your files are 100% final and accurate prior to uploading. If re-proofing is required due to an error on your part after the proofing process has begun, a re-proofing fee will be charged to re-create your proofs.

  • File format: The envelope file you upload must be in PDF format.
  • File dimensions:  Your uploaded file must have the correct dimensions of your envelope. Non-full bleed envelopes require 0.25" clear margin on all four sides. Full bleed envelopes require a 0.125" margin on all four sides.
  • Handwritten fonts: If you plan to use handwritten fonts for either the delivery address, return address or both, use any standard font when setting up your envelope. When placing your order you can then choose the correct font from the drop-down selection to be used on your envelope. When we create your envelope proof we will use your chosen handwritten font. Your envelope proof will show the correct handwritten font.
    • Handwritten fonts are printed much larger than regular machine fonts to appear more natural; therefore they require more space. You have a maximum of four lines for your delivery address.
    • You do not need to upload an envelope template if you plan to use handwritten fonts. Simply enter the name and address you'd like to use for your return section when uploading your files.
  • Graphics: If you have graphics, you must insert them yourself in PDF artwork. All graphics must be at least 300 dpi to print clearly. Graphics copied from the web are only 96 or 72 dpi and will NOT print clearly.
  • Margins: You must have at least a 0.25" clear margin on all four sides, shown in dark gray below - nothing can be printed in this area. Contact us if your envelope is full bleed; meaning that you have printing all the way to the edge of the envelope.
  • Space needed for addressing: As shown below, using a standard font (e.g. Arial size 12) including a barcode on either top or bottom of the address block will require 5.5" x 2" space for printing a delivery address (based on a 5-line address block). Handwritten fonts will require a space of 6.5" x 2" as shown below. It is strongly recommended that you print your return address in the top left corner. You are free to print a short message in the rest of the white areas.

See this product to check the location of the delivery address on your letter.

See this article to set up your letter properly for a double-window envelope.

Number 6.5 remit envelopes with extended flaps are generally used for receiving payment either by check or credit card. The extended flap allows the recipient to write information such as credit card payment information on the inside portion of the envelope before sending it back. More information here.

The handwritten fonts below are usually used for addressing envelopes. They can be used for both the delivery and return addresses.  [more]

You upload a different mailing list for each batch that needs to be mailed separately. Your mailing list file name must indicate the desired mailing date, for instance, "List1_091515.csv" will mean that this list needs to be mailed on September 15 2015.  We can NOT split the list for you, you must supply us with a separate mailing list for each group. The list for the first drop should be called "List_MailFirst.csv". Since each batch is printed individually, each batch will have a mailing date based on when it was mailed.


Changes and cancellations

We print your entire order in advance within the selected production turnaround on the order. Therefore you can not make any changes after your proof has been approved. For instance, you can not request a change in wording or a date on the letter since everything has already been printed and is waiting for the scheduled drop date to be mailed. There is no cancellation of the batches that have not been mailed. See our Terms & Conditions for our cancellation policy.

The cost of postage can be one of the most expensive components of any mailing campaign and could have significant effects on your open rate and your delivery times. [more]

We can convert your handwriting to a font utilizing this service. Click on this article to see how to give us your handwriting to be converted to a font. 

Precanceled postages, which are the real peel & stick postage stamps used for bulk mail (discounted mail) are not canceled by the Post Office; therefore your envelope arrives with clean postage, unlike regular first-class postage stamps. We have authorization from the Post Office to print cancellation marks on your precanceled postage. This will help your mailers look less like junk mail and more personal. [more info]

At no additional charge, you can request to have your name printed as a signature using one of our handwritten fonts. We recommend using font 4 or 8 from here. At your request, we can make the signature blue if your letters are being printed in full color. Your signature will be printed in black if your letter is being printed in B&W. Simply type the name that you want to show as the signature in any normal font and place a comment next to it, such as, “use handwritten font number 4 in black ink as my signature”. Your signature will be printed in a larger size to appear more natural. This option must be requested when your files are uploaded; you will incur a re-proofing fee if this option is requested after we have begun working on your files.

This article contains important information about setting up yellow letters. [more]

To qualify for nonprofit postage rates, you must apply and be approved for nonprofit rate by Post Office. You may be designated as a qualified nonprofit by IRS but that will not allow you to mail at nonprofit discounted rates. 

To qualify for the nonprofit rate, you need to:

  1. Create a USPS account here
  2. Then complete form 3624. See this page for complete information.


Bleed is a printing term that is used to describe a document that has images or elements that touch the edge of the page, extending beyond the trim edge and leaving no white margin. Read more here.

Printing in PMS or single color(s) is only needed if you have a custom color(s) that you need to match. This option is only available on certain products. Read this article to see how to set up a single-color job.

We highly recommend that you convert your artwork to CMYK color setting. This will ensure that your final printed work will resemble your artwork more reasonably. Read more here.

We operate in a PC environment. You do not have to do anything special if your artwork is using the basic fonts included with Ms Windows.  We recommend taking the appropriate steps as outlined below to avoid any potential font errors.


Jobs without any mail merge

If your printed piece does not contain any variable data (i.e. mail merge). For instance, if we are printing a business card or a flyer then you must either "outline" or "embed" your fonts in your artwork. 


Jobs with mail merge

If your printed piece will contain mail merge (variable data), e.g. Dear <> as the salutation in a business letter; then two scenarios will exist. The below scenarios are dependent upon if you are using standard fonts for the variable data fields or if the standard Ms. Windows fonts are being used for the variable fields.

  • STANDARD FONTS: No additional steps are required if you are using standard fonts from Microsoft Windows for the variable fields (aka mail merge fields).
  • CUSTOM FONTS: You must embed or outline your fonts in your artwork and supply us with your custom font file(s) as described here.

For optimal print quality, we require a minimum of 300 DPI (dots per inch) at 100% print size. Images that are taken from the web usually are saved at 72 dpi or 96 dpi and will usually never be high quality enough for printing. Low-resolution files may be printed as-is upon your request but we can not be responsible for poor appearance. 


 Tip for PDF files: Look at your artwork at 250% zoom. The quality you see at 250% zoom is very similar to how your artwork will appear after printing.

Any artwork submitted with borders must be well within the safety zone. We highly recommend staying away from designs with very thin borders. We suggest using borders at least 1/8" or more. We cut through many sheets at a time, therefore the slightest imperfection in the cut will become very obvious in designs with very thin boards, see below. 

borders, see below.

CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black) are the colors used in the printing process. Within these colors, there are certain colors when printed look dull or different. These colors are usually black and blue. Please see this article to understand how to set up your black and blue correctly.

We offer 2 types of foil, Silver, and Gold. Each job can only have one type of foil, Gold or Silver. See this article to learn how to set up these types of jobs.

With Akuafoil, you can turn a wide range of CMYK colors, into multi-colored foils. Akuafoil uses a special processed foil system that is applied under 4/c process to create an array of foil colors. It's simple, and affordable, and makes your prints stand out from the crowd. Click here to see the setup instructions for Akuafoil.

Complete this form for us to design your artwork.

See this page for the details of how to set up a mask for printing with white ink.


You have three choices for addressing small postcards. Small postcards are 4x6, 4x9, 4.25x5.5, and 4.25x6. [more]

You have three choices in addressing your large postcards. Large postcards are 5x7, 5.5x8.5, 6x9, and 6x11. [more]

There are no restrictions on printing "static" QR codes. These are QR codes that do not change based on a field from your mailing list. They are treated just like any other graphical elements such as your logo. But additional restrictions apply to QR which is variable and changes based on a field from your mailing list. We can print two types of variable QR codes. See more here.