Our snap packs are genuine pressure seal forms, fully perforated and glued on all sides. We do not offer "imitation snap packs" which are not true pressure seal forms.  

Recipients can easily open this mail piece by tearing off the marked perforated sides. These forms can be personalized with either black and white or color graphics. Due to space limitations, additional inserts like business cards cannot be included. Mail merge data can be printed on one or both sides.

Direct mail snap packs are designed to capture immediate attention, often containing urgent information or attractive offers such as checks or rebates. Their distinctive shape and layout make them hard to ignore, prompting almost everyone to open them right away. Our snap pack direct mail services offer a cost-effective alternative to other direct mail marketing strategies.

Snap packs also known as pressure seal forms are an economical and effective form of mailers that are ideal in a variety of industries such as real estate, loans, mortgage, and insurance. 

  • Paper type: 28 LB white sheets. Some forms have a blackout on the back that cannot be printed on.
  • Please make sure you download our templates to ensure your design will fit properly on the forms since this has about a 0.5" perforated edge for tearing.
  • Bleed: The forms can NOT be printed full bleed (printing all the way to the edge of paper) since no printing can be done on the perforated edges. 
  • The postcard snap pack has a USPS restriction explained in section 6.2.9 Double Cards of the USPS Domestic Manual here.

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