We Focus on GROWTH

The majority of our clients are small to medium size companies with the capacity for long-term growth in their related industries. For the most part our clients neither have the time nor the technical capabilities to achieve outstanding marketing practices. We utilize our own marketing techniques and technical abilities to design programs that are accommodating to our clients who have left their marketing projects on the "back burner".

Targeting Your Audience

Understanding your target audience is the first step in building your direct mail marketing campaign. We have access to variety of mailing lists from reliable sources include the credit bureaus. Once you have selected your specific list criterion, we then help you develop a strategy in utilizing your list. A simple postcard, tri-fold brochure, or a personalized one-page letter is just the beginning. Follow-up letters have been a proven strategy in defining your direct mail solicitation campaign. When mailing follow-up letters we save you time and money by eliminating returned mail from your original list so that we do not re-mail to the undeliverable addresses a second time

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A Unique Design

To design a completely unique program for each individual company there are several ingredients that are needed. Our clients supply us with a quick 1 or 2 paragraph biography of their experience and qualifications in their related industry, the services offered and their long-term objectives. We like to spend some time on the telephone with our clients to understand their objectives and their company's professional attitude. Then our marketing team will create a campaign that is suitable to the client's objectives. It is then sent to the Graphic Design department to be formatted and finalized for the client to review. If the client is satisfied with the final draft, we then begin printing and mailing within 24 hours.

Effective and Economical

This program was designed to be an effective and economical approach to get the business through your door. Don't be concerned or spend your time with printing, stuffing, sealing, stamping, folding, and mailing your letters, let us do the work for you. By taking a little time to compare pricing you will find that it is less expensive to let us do the work for you then doing it in-house. Utilizing our expertise you will avoid costly mistakes in printing and mailing, most importantly postage selection. We will also review all your options available with their respective pros and cons include cost comparison to make sure you stay within your budget.